If your sales position requires your salespeople to consistently prospect to succeed, doesn’t it make sense to have them take a sales assessment or sales aptitude test PRIOR to hiring them?

With a sales assessment you can measure Sales Call Reluctance which is the emotional hesitation to prospect and self-promote.

Sales Assessment - SPQ Gold

We make it easy for you to administer a sales assessment test to your sales candidates prior to ever making an offer. We will personally review and consult with you about the results. We will provide precise questions to delve deeper into any “red lights” showing up on the SPQ Gold sales test. 


You will save time, money, aggravation, frustration and lost opportunities. The right sales assessments will significantly reduce your costs of hiring mistakes.

Diverse companies throughout the world are giving their candidates sales assessment in their interviewing process. They are adamant about hiring salespeople who can and will prospect consistently.

Invest in sales assessments today and take the guesswork out of hiring salespeople who will prospect.

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The Importance of Sales Assessments

The single most important component of successful selling is consistent prospecting. Yes! This has been proven in diverse industries in over 40 years of research. There is a high degree of correlation between prospecting and sales success, according to world-renowned behavioral scientists, George Dudley and Shannon Goodson in their best-selling business book The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance.

Top Producers are consistent prospectors! That doesn’t mean that they are aggressive “know-it-alls.” They come in all different personalities. It means that they are comfortable and consistent at promoting themselves and their products and/or services.

What is the biggest difference between Top Producers and Mediocre Producers? Top salespeople are effective and consistent self-promoters.

If your salespeople must prospect consistently for new business and /or cross-sell your current customers, there is no other test in the world that will help you as directly as our proven sales aptitude test.

Sales Tests are used throughout the world by major companies, i.e. financial services, banking, insurance, executive recruiting, software sales, public broadcasting, television, radio, real estate, home warranty, etc.

It measures fear of self-promotion or Sales Call Reluctance – they are one in the same, and very costly.

Prospecting is an emotional skill first and foremost. There are technical components to prospecting, but teaching technicalities is the EASY part!

Prospecting is defined as the proactive steps to identify, isolate and get in front of prospects.

If you hire a salesperson that has a problem selling, you can be the best sales manager in the world, and until you address their emotional hesitation – you are hiring a project and will be bogged down with ineffectiveness from the start because of their problem. The world renowned sales assessment test – the SPQ Gold takes the guesswork out of interviewing salespeople.

Diverse companies throughout the world are using this assessment in their interviewing process. They are adamant about hiring salespeople who can and will prospect.

Once a salesperson is on board, you are responsible for providing the coaching and training to get them ramped up and productive. This requires strategy, structure and execution. If you are hiring someone who suffers from problems selling, you are defeating yourself before your start.

Lack of consistent prospecting is the biggest show stopper for salespeople. The SPQ Gold sales assessment test detects the hidden fears of your sales candidate.

Think about how much time it takes a sales manager to screen, interview and on-board a salesperson. The latest estimate is that a manager’s time is worth at least $200 an hour. Many sales managers estimate that it takes approximately ten (10) hours to on-board a salesperson. That is a minimum of $2,000.

Invest in Sales Assessments and find out exactly what type of Sales Blockers your candidate suffers from prior to hiring them. You will save yourself time, money, aggravation and lost opportunities.

What causes Sales Call Reluctance? Personality components are involved, hereditary plays a part and most importantly the past training of the salesperson. Many salespeople who suffer from this condition have been contaminated by former employers, managers and trainers who unintentionally inflicted Sales Call Reluctance onto the very people they intended to inspire.

The sales aptitude test will tell you whether your sales candidate suffers from Role Rejection (Yeilder) Sales Call Reluctance, the costliest type of call reluctance that is usually passed through sales organizations.

SPQ* Gold will point of your candidate’s strengths. You will be able to ascertain how to best train, coach and develop this individual and ascertain prior to hire how much time and effort you will be required to expend to help the salesperson ramp up.

The SPQ* Gold Test  will tell you whether your sales candidate actually has the physical and psychological energy to cold call. It will also tell you whether they have a strong enough reason to put forth the effort to cold call and whether they have an ability to focus and see through the frustration and complexity of making consistent prospecting calls.

You will significantly reduce your costs of hiring mistakes.

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