A sales assessment is not a “test.”

test anxiety

It is normal for hiring authorities to call a sales assessment a “test.”  However, it is an assessment and only a tool in the tool box of hiring.  Think about it.  When you are told you are going to take a “test,” you immediately get a little jittery; right?  We immediately recall the tests we took in school, our driver’s license test, test to get accreditations, etc. and most of those experiences created anxiety.

There is no “pass” or “fail” with the SPQ Gold assessment.  There are many different dynamics that play into a hiring decision.  We encourage our clients to use assessments wisely and take into account all the dynamics of the hiring process.

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Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky offers speaking, training, coaching and performance improvement services specifically addressing Sales Call Reluctance. She has a proven track record with diverse businesses, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies, nationally and internationally. She is a licensee of Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP), the world leader in research and training in Sales Call Reluctance. Connie has facilitated more than 260 full-day programs and worked with hundreds of salespeople from diverse industries.