SPQ* Gold Sales Test

The ONLY sales aptitude assessment in the world that tests for Sales Call Reluctance.


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SPQ* Gold and SPQ/FSA

Sales Preference Questionnaire: (online assessment)

Because the SPQ*Gold and SPQ/FSA is used by companies worldwide, in various currencies and languages our agreement with the publisher prevents online pricing.

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This Sales Test includes a comprehensive report along with a personal interpretation of the results. Yes, we have a one-on-one conversation about your candidate’s results. You will save thousands of dollars and unnecessary headaches by only hiring salespeople who will consistently prospect.


“It is my great pleasure to recommend Connie Kadansky as an expert in the field of Call Reluctance or Prospecting. Not only has Connie provided me one of the best measurement instruments I have ever seen on call reluctance, the key has always been her analysis of a salesperson from the results of the SPQ assessment. She has made me look good among my peers by simply delivering above and beyond the call of duty and with her help, we have transformed this client into an industry leading sales force. Connie, thank you for all you have done for my clients and myself.”

– Michael Goodman
Revenue Kinetics

“Wow! After looking at this assessment, I’ll pass. The candidate was likeable, but she would not make it in our office. Just when I think I can peg people and don’t need to assess them, I get a report like this. I’m glad we are using the SPQ.”

– Jim Stone, President
Physician Recruiting Firm

“The assessment assisted me. The candidate has proven to be a top producer. He has gone from no industry specific experience to the top 2-percentile in his entire industry.”

– Matthew Hyde
Sales Consultant and Trainer

How It Works:

The assessment is taken online (internet access is necessary).

The SPQ*Gold and the SPQ/FSA are the only assessments in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance, which is the emotional hesitation to prospect and self-promote on a consistent basis.

Sales Call Reluctance is responsible for the failure of more competent, motivated, goal-oriented salespeople than any other single factor.

If salespeople cannot and do not prospect consistently, why hire them?


The SPQ Gold and SPQ/FSA are used world-wide in any organization that has a sales force. It is also used in professional service organizations for the rainmakers and business developers, i.e., lawyers, architects — roles that require proactive self-promotion in order to bring in business.

The SPQ is widely used for pre-hire selection of all types of salespeople, financial advisors, executive recruiters — any position that requires consistent proactive prospecting.

The SPQ Gold and SPQ/FSA are also used for training, coaching and personal development purposes of any salesperson in any sales industry.


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