Pre-employment sales test: SPQ Gold measures Sales Call Reluctance

Recently an employer tested one of his sales candidates with the SPQ Gold Assessment.  The candidate was a veteran of 30 year in the industry.  However, the new position was a very different dynamic.  What came out of the assessment that the candidate was highly motivated!  However, she tested with high hyper pro call reluctance.  Here are some of the behaviors that can show up on the sales call with people who have hyper pro call reluctance:

May sound snobbish;

Shows/demonstrates he/she is the expert and not the prospect;

Poor listener;

Answers questions that are not being asked;

May have argumentative tone to voice; may sound defensive or sarcastic when questioned by prospect;

Uses lots of highly professional jargon and buzzwords;

Talks more than the prospect and don’t ask questions, always “tells.”

This type of behavior is important to consider because often the person isn’t aware of their behavior.  It’s a blindspot.  Will this behavior be a show stopper?  Maybe not.  However, in certain positions possibly yes, especially if the job requires empathetic listening in order to move the sale along.

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