Pre-employment sales tests must be positioned and administered properly.

It is important to tell your candidate early on in the interviewing process that you may have them take an “assessment.”  Using the word “test” conjures up “pass” or “fail.”   Pre-employment sales assessments are only used as a tool in your process.  Yes, assessments are just one-part of your process. 

If possible have the candidates take the assessment in your office under standardized “testing” conditions. 

As employers, you are investing in the assessments, positioning and administering is vital.  If you want to talk more about this, please call Connie Kadansky at 602-380-5431.

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Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky offers speaking, training, coaching and performance improvement services specifically addressing Sales Call Reluctance. She has a proven track record with diverse businesses, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies, nationally and internationally. She is a licensee of Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP), the world leader in research and training in Sales Call Reluctance. Connie has facilitated more than 260 full-day programs and worked with hundreds of salespeople from diverse industries.