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“You saved me from another bad hire.”

Recently an seasoned owner of an executive recruiting firm interviewed a candidate who seemed to pretty impressive.  He invested in the SPQ*Gold assessment and the candidate’s impression management score was high (meaning heads up to embellishment and exaggeration.)  Even though some salespeople may score high in this area, they can actually prove that in the past they have been above average producers.  I encouraged this owner to request the candidate provide copies of W-2’s for the past two years in order to move forward.

Guess what?  He never heard from the candidate again.

The owner called me and said, “The SPQ*Gold test did it again.  It saved me from a bad hire.”

Very few assessments have measurements for response consistency, hedging and impression management.  That is another reason to invest in the Sales Call Reluctance assessment.

How do you know if your candidate is exaggerating?

Engaged or not engaged?

sad person

In addition to assessing for Sales Call Reluctance, the SPQ*Gold assessment will also tell you whether the candidate you are interviewing is truly engaged and emotionally connected to their goals.

Someone can be good at what they do. However, if they are not emotionally connected to the “why” behind what they are doing. . . you may be hiring someone who takes a significant amount of management time to monitor and motivate.

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Serious CEOs and managers take the SPQ*Gold assessment


Another courageous CEO took the SPQ*Gold assessment today.  He just hired another salesperson and is determined to set the salesperson up to succeed.

By investing the time and dollars he discovered that he experiences Role Rejection Call Reluctance.  Why is this so important?  Because Role Rejection Call Reluctance is highly contagious.  He’s willing to shift his fixed mindset about selling and identify with the professional, seasoned salespeople versus the underdeveloped amateurs.  Leaders can contaminate the very people they intend to inspire.

The research shows that in some sales organizations Role Rejection Call Reluctance is pervasive throughout their organization.

It takes humility to be assessed and find out that “you” may be part of the problem.

Hiring authorities throughout industry count on Connie Kadansky, SPQ*Gold consultant, to assist them in identifying salespeople who will prospect consistently.


A Tired Salesperson is a Lousy Salesperson

tired salesperson

My good friend and sales trainer extraordinare Rory Clark, CEO of Focus $elling, says that “A tired salesperson is a lousy salesperson.”

Who could argue with that?

The SPQ*Gold assessment includes a measurement for physical and psychological energy.  How important is it to know whether the salesperson you are considering hiring actually has enough gas in their gas tank or juice in their battery to get out there and prospect, generate leads and follow through?

Sometimes salespeople who score low on motivational energy, say “I am a marathon runner, how can I be low on energy?”  Well, just becomes someone is a runner, doesn’t mean that they have enough energy left for a full-fledged sales career making and showing up to 12-15 appointments a week.

Connie Kadansky, administers the only assessment in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance plus motivation, goal level, goal diffusion and problem solving.  Please call her at 602-380-5431 or email her at


Sales assessment testing could have saved this employer $3,825!

dollarsignRecently I cold called an employer inquiring about how his salespeople were doing with prospecting.  He was a happy-go-lucky guy and said, “We are doing okay now.  However, I just got rid of a guy who didn’t want to interrupt prospects.”  This employer paid $4,000 to a salesperson who did not produce one penny.

So, decision time!  Does it make more sense to invest $175 in a pre-hire sales assessment or to spend two month’s of base salary to find out a salesperson has Yielder Sales Call Reluctance?

This does not include the time and effort spent to train and develop this individual, plus lost opportunity costs.

Yielder Sales Call Reluctance is the most costly type of call reluctance and the most common.   Salespeople with this behavior do not want to interrupt their prospects.  They do not want to be pushy or intrusive.  They make better account managers than account developers.

Save yourself a whole lot of money, plus headaches, by assessing sales candidates prior to hiring them.

Proper administration of a sales test or assessment is so important

pass or fail

How do you feel when someone wants to give you a “test?”  Most of us have a little anxiety around taking a test.  I immediately remember how overconfident I was at age 16 when I went to take my first driving test and I did not pass!  I was devastated because my girlfriend passed it the same day getting 100%.

We encourage our clients to position the SPQ Gold assessment as a part of their “interviewing” process.  Notice “interviewing” process and not “hiring” process.  Also we recommend you refer to it as an assessment and not a test.

We recommend that our clients have their candidates take the assessment in their office under standardized conditions.  It normally takes 40-45 minutes.  If it is not possible to have your candidates take the assessment in your office, please talk with Connie Kadansky as to how to properly administer the assessment through email instructions, etc.

If you are going to invest in an assessment, why not make sure that you are properly administering the assessment?  This is positive for you and for your candidates.

Connie Kadansky, authorized/certified licensee providing the only assessment in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance. or 602-380-5431

The SPQ Gold results will give you insight into how to coach and develop the sales candidate — IF you choose to hire them

Very rarely do we see “perfect” assessments.  Why?  Because we are all a work in progress and even the top performers are rarely “perfect.”  If you choose to hire the candidate, we will assist you in using the information to design their coaching/training development immediately.  Many sales mangers go through a honeymoon period with their new salespeople.  They are optimistic and looking forward to the future.  They are only seeing what they want to see.

When they start noticing behaviors or attitudes that they don’t particularly like, it’s easy to overlook during the honeymoon period.  However, our experience is if you can nip behaviors and attitudes in the bud, the chances of developing a exceptional sales producer goes up.

Let us help you on-board your new sales recruits successfully by using the SPQ Gold results.

Connie Kadansky, 602-380-5431, SPQ Gold Authorized Representative




Pre-hire assessments that clearly state “hire” or “don’t hire”



A VP of sales called last week to inquire about the SPQ Gold Assessment.  He is currently using an assessment that clearly states  “hire” or “don’t hire” on the report.  His suspicion is that he is passing up on good sales candidates.  In my view and experience, he has a legitimate concern.

We give our hiring authorities more credit than completely basing their hiring decisions on an assessment.  The SPQ Gold and all other assessments are only tools in the tool box.

There are some sales managers who can train and develop through Overpreparer and Yielder Sales Call Reluctance.  At the same time, there are managers who have zero patience for the Yielder behavior.  This needs to be taken in consideration when making hiring decisions.

When reviewing a sales candidate’s assessment with my clients, I provide a professional consult and interpret specific measurements, along with inquiry as to the manager’s style and leave the decision to “hire” or “don’t hire” to them.





How important is “focused” as a characteristic for your sales candidates?

woman with stickiesLives are becoming more and more complex as we evolve.  The heavy use of technology is a factor of whether someone can concentrate and focus.  Some people are literally training their brain to NOT pay attention due to their multi-tasking and high dependence on technology.

Last weekend I attended a Saturday seminar and a father was there with his daughter.  He said that he was in attendance to spend some time with his daughter, whom he rarely sees.  Interesting, during the breaks, I noticed that he was heavily concentrating on his Ipad and his daughter was seriously focused on her Iphone.  No judgment.  Just a notice.

The SPQ*Gold has a measurement for Goal Diffusion, measuring the candidates’ internal and external distractions.  This is not a make or break measurement, or a “hire” or “not hire” component for most sales organizations.  However, the ability to focus is an important characteristic of a successful salesperson.


A sales assessment is not a “test.”

test anxiety

It is normal for hiring authorities to call a sales assessment a “test.”  However, it is an assessment and only a tool in the tool box of hiring.  Think about it.  When you are told you are going to take a “test,” you immediately get a little jittery; right?  We immediately recall the tests we took in school, our driver’s license test, test to get accreditations, etc. and most of those experiences created anxiety.

There is no “pass” or “fail” with the SPQ Gold assessment.  There are many different dynamics that play into a hiring decision.  We encourage our clients to use assessments wisely and take into account all the dynamics of the hiring process.

Connie Kadansky helps hiring authorities take the guesswork out of hiring salespeople.  602-380-5431