Salesperson with high telephobia

Recently a small business owner invested in the Sales Call Reluctance assessment prior to hiring a salesperson.  His candidate had been successful as an on-the-street type salesperson.  However, in the dynamic of his small business, the salesperson would be in-office and required to use the telephone to prospect.  The SPQ assessment revealed high telephobia.  It also disclosed low goal level  — fire in the belly.  This candidate was short of “want to” when it comes to prospecting.  Further interviewing revealed he was looking for a place to land until he could find another sales job that didn’t require telephone prospecting and daily activity requirements.   Based on the results of the SPQ assessment, along with another interview with specific questions zeroing in on the areas of concern, the employer decided to pass on this particular candidate.

How could this small business owner find out that his candidate was adverse to using the phone to prospect and lacked fire in the belly in only through the interviewing process?  There are certain prospecting issues that only the Sales Call Reluctance assessment can flush out.

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