Selling requires assertive behavior!

Yielder Call Reluctance is the #1 type of Call Reluctance and the most costly.  Yielders are friendly, sociable people who want to be liked and approved of.  They don’t like making people uncomfortable.  They don’t like conflict.  Let’s face it, moving prospects from Current Reality to Desire Result requires “tension” most of the time.  Rarely are there slam dunk sales stories.

Michael Goodman, Sales Trainer Extraordinare has a great blog that I recommend you check out.

Michael reminds us that no other profession in the world carriers with it the most regular opportunities for conflict with other humans on a daily basis under normal conditions.  Even our soldiers, who face conflict regularly, have long lulls between wars and battles.  If a salesperson is not comfortable with a conflict, they are not effective.

If you want to make sure that you do not hire salespeople who suffer from high levels of Yielder Sales Call Reluctance, recommend you assess them prior to hire by using the SPQ Gold assessment, the only assessment in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance.

Connie Kadansky, MA, PCC, Sales Call Reluctance coach and trainer, will help you take the guesswork out of hiring salespeople who will not prospect consistently.  602-380-5431 or

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