What Prospecting Skills Do They Bring To The Job?

The SPQ/FSA assessment is a sales competency test.  It is not a personality test. Prospecting is an emotional exercise.  It takes emotional resilience and stability to consistently prospect for new business.  How do you know if your candidate will prospect consistently?  The SPQ/FSA allows your candidate to tell you how they experiencing prospecting.  Prospecting has changed and it requires skill to engage prospects in a meaningful way that is creating value for them.  The only assessment in the world that measures for Sales Call Reluctance is the SPQ Gold and the SPQ/FSA.  Please call Connie Kadansky at 602-380-5431 to discover which assessment will serve your needs.

“You saved me from another bad hire.”

Recently an seasoned owner of an executive recruiting firm interviewed a candidate who seemed to pretty impressive.  He invested in the SPQ*Gold assessment and the candidate’s impression management score was high (meaning heads up to embellishment and exaggeration.)  Even though some salespeople may score high in this area, they can actually prove that in the past they have been above average producers.  I encouraged this owner to request the candidate provide copies of W-2’s for the past two years in order to move forward.

Guess what?  He never heard from the candidate again.

The owner called me and said, “The SPQ*Gold test did it again.  It saved me from a bad hire.”

Very few assessments have measurements for response consistency, hedging and impression management.  That is another reason to invest in the Sales Call Reluctance assessment.

How do you know if your candidate is exaggerating?