There are account managers and then there are account developers!

What exactly are you looking for in a salesperson?  Someone who will consistently prospect?  Or do you need a salesperson to work with your existing customers and keep them happy?  If you truly are looking for an account developer — prospecting is paramount.  You know that; right?

The fear of prospecting — or Sales Call Reluctance — is the fear of self-promotion.  There are 12 ways that salespeople hesitate to prospect and self-promote.  Some types are more costly than others.  Yielder Call Reluctance is the most common and incredibly costly.  Yielder call reluctance shows up in a salesperson who is not assertive in prospecting and/or moving the sale forward.  They are the friendly folks who chit-chat and believe that the relationship is more important than the sale.  Yielders do not control the process and they cave if a prospect pushes against them.  How do you know if the candidate you are interviewing right now experiences Yielder Call Reluctance?  Even if you are interviewing for an account manager — Yielder Call Reluctance can cost big bucks because they can also experience “Close Reluctance.”   The SPQ test will shed light on the costly Yielder Sales Call Reluctance.

Notice if the candidate agrees with everything you say. . . that can be a small clue that they are approval seeking people pleasers.