Validity of Sales Assessments

Sales assessments are tools in the tool box.  They are NOT the silver bullet the some assessment testing companies want you to believe.

With that said, the SPQ Gold assessment is extremely helpful to assist in your hiring decisions of salespeople, executive recruiters, financial advisors, any sales position that requires prospecting on a consistent basis.  It can help you take some of the guesswork out of hiring salespeople.

Before you invest in any sales assessment, I recommend you request their scientific research on validity and reliability.  The following is from Behavioral Sciences Research Press, the developers of the SPQ Gold Asssessment.

There are three areas of validity when it comes to sales assessments:  1) Content Validity:  Are the questions reasonably related to a career in direct sales.  Some assessments ask whether someone is afraid of fire and then makes a judgment on their fear of fire and whether they would be successful in sales.  The content validity is questionable because it relies on making judgments.  2) Construct Validity is the ability of an assessment to reflect the underlying theoretical trait or characteristic of interest — research proves that during construction of the assessment there is a high degree of interpretative meaning, i.e. people who are have fear of speaking before groups score high on Stage Fright Call Reluctance.  3) Criterion Validity focuses on the relationship to test scores to one or more outcome measures criteria.  Outcome criteria most often refers to job performance measures.  In other words, “how accurate is the test in predicting job performance.”  This is based on statistical results and socio-work culture context in which decisions are to be made.

If an assessment has past the rigors of psychometric testing, the developers will be happy to provide you with their technical and scientific material upon request.

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Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky offers speaking, training, coaching and performance improvement services specifically addressing Sales Call Reluctance. She has a proven track record with diverse businesses, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies, nationally and internationally. She is a licensee of Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP), the world leader in research and training in Sales Call Reluctance. Connie has facilitated more than 260 full-day programs and worked with hundreds of salespeople from diverse industries.