Who is your next sales producer?


Gallup and Harvard Business Review assert that most hiring companies have a tendency to grossly underestimate the negative consequences of a bad sales hire. Some of the costs include, but are not limited to:

Direct Costs

Lost Revenue (lost and delayed business)

Extra training and management required

Costs of turnover (firing and replacement – from both time and direct hiring costs)

Long-term impact on market share and brand: lost customers and brand loyalty

Impact on morale, leading to lower overall performance of other team members and higher turnover

Ultimately the loss of your best salespeople

Interviewing tip: Ask your sales candidate to describe their first selling experience! Watch whether their eyes sparkle; how animated the become; how engrossed they get into their story or the inner groan that makes them slump a bit. Please let me know what you experience with this question!


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Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky offers speaking, training, coaching and performance improvement services specifically addressing Sales Call Reluctance. She has a proven track record with diverse businesses, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies, nationally and internationally. She is a licensee of Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP), the world leader in research and training in Sales Call Reluctance. Connie has facilitated more than 260 full-day programs and worked with hundreds of salespeople from diverse industries.