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The ONLY sales aptitude assessment in the world that tests for Sales Call Reluctance.


“The ONLY Way To Absolutely Avoid Hiring The Wrong Salespeople”

Insist On Using The ONLY Sales Aptitude Assessment In The World That Tests For Sales Call Reluctance, That Dooms Any Salesperson’s Chance Of Success

One problem nearly all of my clients have had is that they hired a salesperson who looked great on paper who turned out to be a dud. They consistently trailed the others in the number of prospecting calls, and subsequently they had sales levels below what they needed to grow their business.

This Could Have Been Easily Prevented!

The SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test measures the factors that lead to sales call reluctance in any candidate BEFORE the hiring decision is made. Hidden factors that you can’t spot in an interview. This simple 72-minute test your candidates can take online has prevented countless hiring managers the pain and embarrassment of admitting they made a mistake – and then have to deal with firing a bad performer.

On the other side of the coin, the SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test can also help you spot the top performers. We personally review the test results and consult with the hiring manager before any offer is made.

The test results, sent confidentially to the hiring manager, identifies the sales performer from the sales imposter!

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If They Can’t Prospect, They Can’t Sell

You know this already, but let’s be frank. The single most important component of successful selling is consistent prospecting. If a salesperson won’t or can’t prospect by whatever means necessary to identify, isolate, and get in front of prospects then they can’t help you achieve your sales goals. At best you will have a ‘project’ on your hands that will take up your time and cause you endless frustration as you see the phone hand set constantly sitting on the phone. The SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test will zero in on the characteristics, backed by 40 years of research, the will tell you who will or who will not effectively prospect.

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Prospecting Is An Emotional Skill First And Foremost

Contrary to what most people believe, the salesperson who is reluctant or hesitant to prospecting isn’t trying to give you a hard time; they aren’t resisting you at all. They have emotional factors that are preventing them from embracing prospecting and manifesting itself as ‘call reluctance’.

Emotional difficulties such as low self-esteem or very low perceived value of what it means to be a salesperson are almost impossible for even the best hiring managers to see during an interview. Many times the candidates are not aware of it themselves!

The SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test will tell you if a particular candidate has the ‘markers’ that indicate that they will do any other activity rather than prospect. If your sales effort requires prospecting and cold calling, can you afford another hire without knowing if they will do it?

The REAL Cost Of A Sales Imposter

I have heard some sales managers and business owners tell me that if they make a bid hire, then they just release them and that’s that… if the bad hire had no financial loss attached to it. Nothing could be further than the truth!

Just consider how much time it takes a sales manager to screen, interview, and onboard a new salesperson. The latest estimates are that a manager’s time is worth at least $250 an hour, and it takes 10 hours or more to onboard a new salesperson. This is easy math – it takes about $2500 to onboard that new salesperson.

Further, studies have shown that call reluctance can quickly spread through an entire sales team!  Can you honestly afford that?

Invest in a the Sales Assessment, the SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test, which is the gold standard of pre-employment sales tests, and find out INSTANTLY what types of sales blockers your candidate suffers from. They may suffer from it, but it is YOU who will be doing the suffering if you hire the wrong person!

Almost Instant ROI (Return on Investment)

The SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test is surprisingly affordable, and the return on investment can be instant. The very first time you make a rejection of a candidate because the test has uncovered call reluctance, you will have saved at least $2500, not to mention the disappointment and lost sales opportunities.

Making a hiring decision without this assessment when so much is at stake can feel almost irresponsible.

My Final Thoughts

Sales is a definite skill, and there aren’t many who were born with it. It takes a lot of effort, the ability to strategically identify people who are applicable to your particular product or service.

I’ve been in business for over 21 years, and before many of my clients used the SPQ*Gold/FSA Sales Test, They hired some great sales people; but they also hired some people who were simply disappointing!

In each case when they hired a mediocre or low producer, the candidate great on paper, interviewed well, but when they were hired it only took a short time to see that they treated prospecting by phone like a terrible disease. They looked for every opportunity to avoid prospecting. They always looked busy, but they were not on the prospecting. Each time, my clients were stressed, disappointed, and knew sooner or later they had to release them, which is never pleasant to have to do.

Those experiences told me that testing for these important skills, especially ‘sales reluctance’ stacked the odds in their favor and my clients have used it on every candidate since with great results.

Here is what some of my clients are saying:

“The SPQ* Gold/FSA provides an accurate perspective on the candidate’s true motivation, goals and thought processes that will dramatically impact our return on the investment in hiring them.”  Glenda Smith, President, Pediatric Search Partners, Dallas, TX

“I’ve tried most of them through my 25 years of hiring and training salespeople. . . personality profiles . . . skills based testing . . . psychological profiling by a psychologist. . . and NOTHING compares with the SPQ* Gold/FSA. It offers insightful information about candidates and salespeople, lets you look below the surface and truly understand the person and how he or she will perform. If you want to consistently hire top-performers, then the SPQ* Gold/FSA is the tool that you cannot do without.”  David Simons, Managing Partner, Performance Resource Group, Tulsa, OK

A few years back we decided to make a hiring correctly a mandate in our office. We instituted a lot of changes, and now have a seven step hiring process. We had less than a 20% stick rate (made it through one year). The last three years, we have had better than a 60% stick rate, which I believe is one of the highest in MRI. A key component to that stick rate is the SPQ tool, and coaching help from Connie.”  Don Korthuis, Management Recruiters of Lynden

You can also click HERE to see some case studies:

By now I hope you understand that testing every candidate for your sales team is of ultimate importance if prospecting and lead generation is going to be a part of their responsibilities.

When you see how cost effective this is, I can’t imagine that anyone who is involved in hiring sales staff would not demand to use this.

Connie Kadansky


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