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The ONLY sales aptitude assessment in the world that tests for Sales Call Reluctance.

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Sales Assesment:

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Sales Assessment - SPQ Gold Sales Test


Test your Sales Force with SPQ*, the Only Sales Assessment Test in the World that measures Sales Call Reluctance. Sales Trainer Connie Kadansky has a vast experience in Sales Training, Cold Calling, Sales Tests, Sales Assessments. She helps Sales people Sale More.

If your sales position requires your salespeople to consistently prospect to succeed, doesn’t it make sense to have them take a sales aptitude test PRIOR to hiring them? Measure Sales Aptitudes of your candidates and predict how well will they produce.

The single most important component of successful selling is consistent prospecting. Yes! This has been proven in diverse industries in over 40 years of research. There is a high degree of correlation between prospecting and sales success, according to world-renowned behavioral scientists, George Dudley and Shannon Goodson in their best-selling business book The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance.

Top Producers are consistent prospectors! That doesn’t mean that they are aggressive “know-it-alls.” They come in all different personalities. It means that they are comfortable and consistent at promoting themselves and their products and/or services.

What is the biggest difference between Top Producers and Mediocre Producers? Top salespeople are effective and consistent self-promoters.

If your salespeople must prospect consistently for new business and /or cross-sell your current customers, there is no other test in the world that will help you as directly as our proven sales aptitude test.

Sales assessment products are used throughout the world by major companies, i.e. financial services, banking, insurance, executive recruiting, software sales, public broadcasting, television, radio, real estate, home warranty, etc.


Why Is It Important To Use Sales Assessments?

How do you know if a prospective sales person is going to produce? The only real answer to that question is to use assessments to do so during your selection process. The right kind of assessment can save you not only time but a lot of money by helping you choose the candidates that will produce sales.

Sales Assessments can help you:

  • Find out how much a cadidate will produce prior to hiring; how soon they will produce and how much is it going to cost to get them to produce.
  • Find out whether they have the psychological and physical energy to prospect and make sales.

Test your Sales Force Skills and Sell More!