SPQ* Gold Sales Test

The ONLY sales aptitude assessment in the world that tests for Sales Call Reluctance.

Connie Kadansky Sales Assessment Trainer

“If You Hire Salespeople, Let Me Introduce You To Your New Best Friend”

Connie Kadansky, SPQ Gold Assessment Expert and Sales Reluctance Coach/Trainer

If you are responsible for the hiring if salespeople for your organization, you need to know about Connie Kadansky. Employers of all sizes and industries throughout North America rely on Connie to assist them in selecting the best candidates and consult with them the entire pre-hire stage to fill these crucial positions

Why?  She understands the consequences of a bad hire, both in terms of the huge expense of training, coaching, and dealing with a poor performer, as well as the effect on the rest of the sales staff.

“Some people think there is not costs associated with an ineffective sales person because they are not writing a check, but there are definite costs, some of them not seen immediately, but they are real.”

Connie’s expertise in administering and interpreting the SPQ*Gold Sales Test and the SPQ/FSA assessment prior to the hiring decision prevents employers from dealing with all the bad things that happen with people who will not prospect consistently.

All sales candidates will say that they prospect effectively, but the SPQ*Gold Test and the SPQ/FSA assessment will find the truth about underlying emotional issues that they have that prevent them from being able to prospect despite what they say.

Connie has been working with the world renowned SPQ*Gold Sales Assessment and the SPQ/FSA assessment for 19+ years and has interpreted thousands of assessments and is unmatched with understanding the subtleties of the test results.

“Sometimes the test results clearly scream ‘not going to be a good hire,’ but more often it’s the subtleties of the candidate’s answers that tell me the things that the hiring manager needs to watch out for if they hire a particular person.”

She knows that when you have salespeople who do not have Sales Call Reluctance, you get people who SET MORE APPOINTMENTS AND SELL MORE OF THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. And that’s what you want!

Connie is available for consultation or Sales Call Reluctance training for groups. She also always has time to talk to hiring managers about their challenges and how the SPQ*Gold Sales Test and the SPQ/FSA assessment can end the revolving door or sales people entering and leaving, so that you can assemble an incredibly effective sales team that helps you reach your businesses sales goals. Call (602) 380-5431 (cell) or you can book an appointment HERE.

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