SPQ* Gold Sales Test

The ONLY sales aptitude assessment in the world that tests for Sales Call Reluctance.

Michael Goodman

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Connie Kadansky as an expert in the field of Call Reluctance or Prospecting. Not only has Connie provided me one of the best measurement instruments I have ever seen on call reluctance, the key has always been her analysis of a salesperson from the results of the SPQ assessment. She has made me look good among my peers by simply delivering above and beyond the call of duty and with her help, we have transformed this client into an industry leading sales force. Connie, thank you for all you have done for my clients and myself.”

Revenue Kinetics

Matthew Hyde

“Thank you for your fast response on the last assessment. Due to your speed and concern for my client I have secured the consulting contract and beat out some major competitors for the long term training of this sales force. I credit the insight you gave me and the easy to understand results. The other consulting firms recommended a HIRE and I flat out discredited them with the follow interview. THANK YOU.

The assessment you assisted me with and taught me how to read in September of 2010. The candidate has proven to be a top producer. He has gone from no industry specific experience to the top 2 percentile in his entire industry.

You have really helped me gain credibility fast. Your prompt attenuation and NON pretentious attitude is really refreshing.”

Sales Consultant and Trainer

Les Siter, CSM

“I have used Exceptional Sales Performance/SPQ Assessment for approximately 3 years. I have found this to be an exceptional tool to assess any form of call reluctance. Every candidate that I have hired has demonstrated both the weaknesses and strengths indicated on this assessment tool survey. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in making hiring decisions for my company. Connie Kadansky has been a tremendous asset in educating me on the utilization of the tool as well as general measurement interpretations and specific input on each candidate’s survey as needed. I would highly recommend this assessment tool to any hiring manager who hires phone driven sales candidates.”

Managing Partner/President

Jim Stone

“Wow!  After looking at this SPQ assessment, I’ll pass. The candidate is likable, but she wouldn’t make it in our office. Just when I think I can peg people and don’t need to assess them, I get something like this. I’m glad we are using the SPQ assessment.”

The Medicus Firm

Hal Daugherty, CSM

“We have worked with Connie for eight years and consider her and the SPQ assessment as a critical part of our hiring and training process. Beyond the results produced by the assessment we often ask Connie for her personal insights. Without fail she provides insights and questions that allow us to gain a deeper insight into the candidate and their motivations. If we hire someone we use the assessment as a tool to help them overcome their phone call reluctance issues. In addition we have asked Connie to customize programs for high potential recruiters that are having difficulty organizing themselves or over coming call reluctance. Without exception the recruiters performance has improved. We have also asked Connie to come to Dallas and conduct two day learning sessions for our recruiters. If we were limited to one person and one tool in our hiring process it would be Connie and the SPQ assessment.”

Parkwood International

Glenda Smith

“The SPQ* Gold provides an accurate perspective on the candidate’s true motivation, goals and thought processes that will dramatically impact our return on the investment in hiring them.”

President, Pediatric Search Partners
Dallas, TX

Don Korthuis

“I give Connie and the SPQ Gold a huge 5 star reference!

We have had to cut back on most of our vendors during the recession. You are the one of the few vendors we did no cut backs with. The service you provide is critical in our hiring process.

Not only is your tool useful for hiring, but your coaching on what questions to probe on are invaluable.

A few years back we decided to make a hiring correctly a mandate in our office. We instituted a lot of changes, and now have a seven step hiring process. We had less than a 20% stick rate (made it through one year). The last three years, we have had better than a 60% stick rate, which I believe is one of the highest in MRI. A key component to that stick rate is the SPQ tool, and coaching help from Connie.”

Management Recruiters of Lynden

David Simons

“I’ve tried most of them through my 25 years of hiring and training salespeople. . . personality profiles . . . skills based testing . . . psychological profiling by a psychologist. . . and NOTHING compares with the SPQ* Gold. It offers insightful information about candidates and salespeople, lets you look below the surface and truly understand the person and how he or she will perform. If you want to consistently hire top-performers, then the SPQ* Gold is the tool that you cannot do without.”

Managing Partner, Performance Resource Group
Tulsa, OK

Danny Cahill

“I find the SPQ invaluable. I would not hire against it. We combine it with the PEAC assessment, a thorough interview process, reference checks, a big glass of Scotch and a Ouija Board.”

Pinnacle Society member
Testimonial obtained from Questions to Danny on

Alan G. Bauer

I knew one of my recruiters, Isabel, was not performing to her full potential, but I believed she had the desire to be successful.  After attending our Regional Meeting in Dallas,  I invested in the SPQ Gold – an  assessment test that measures Sales Call Reluctance.

Connie Kadansky provided a personal consultation with Isabel and reviewed her assessment results. Now, Isabel is on fire.  She is showing confidence like never before. The team she leads has obtained nine new clients in nine consecutive weeks and made four placements in the past two weeks. Isabel no longer works with non-responsive clients who do not communicate.  She targets and pursues the type of clients who see her as a valued partner, not just a vendor. When I asked Isabel what made the difference, she said it all started with Connie Kadansky’s consultation.

President, Bauer Consulting Group, Inc.